Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is It Josh Hutcherson In The Blue Boxer Pic

A typical atypical family ... or three characters in search of balance!

Main actors: The

Mamma (played by Vio)
The Mammo (played by AMO)
The pestiferous little girl-all-you-love- (masterfully played by Mushroom)

The scenario, where an apartment-the-space-is-not-never-enough-and-we-just-in-three, in a provincial town where Mom and Mom decided to kick off their project to family. But this project really existed? Or if it came from, of course, that if we think too much then you panic and it does nothing?

Scene 1
Mom and Mom in the bathroom set dash with a purple heart in my throat, waiting for it to appear, or not, his copy. I do not know if this is exactly the point where you open the scenario project on our family, but here it materializes, buys a result of its own DNA of generations of love and family projects that are now comfortably installed in Mom's belly.

Mammo - It does not appear does not appear, it will be for the next time, it means that we must continue to make attempts (that spirit of sacrifice, truly commendable!)
Mother - Wait ... wait ... AHHHHHHHHHHAHHH!!
jumping for joy, screams of panic ... ... (you will be scared the neighbors? From the bathroom you can hear everything!)
Mom and Mom - luuuungo hug, hug ... even some tears? Possibly.

Scene 2 It's a warm April day, the door of the hospital with a wheelchair that looks huge for a creature so small and delicate. Here for the first time mom takes its role as protector and body-guard of the little girl. Ten months after the role still fits perfectly!

Mom - I can not wait to get home to enjoy our little girl! Come on, let's move, let's not waste time!
Mammo - go up the wheelchair, do not shake so much! Possible that all the holes you get?
Mom - ufffffff
Mammo - Wait that I cover, I would not take cold! Cap, cover, other cover, chair cover ... (and fortunately it is April ... imagine if it was established in January!)
Mom - that excitement, we put in the car for the first time (Mom went on a month emphasizing "I just got that feeling" every little girl's first time!)
Mammo - yes, but careful not to get hurt, legal right, sotienile her head with his hand that this city is full of holes!
Well, this scene could be repeated indefinitely, each time the family leaves the house this is the ritual. Other
role of mothers, which fortunately does not deal to the body-guard full time, is to make you laugh out loud the little girl. Just a look, a tongue, and she sganascia! It is so that new generations lose respect for the elderly!

Scene 3
Sleepy Time, in his bedroom, Mom and little girl will enjoy this special moment and exclusive (FORBIDDEN disturbing, is not allowed to enter even Mammo) made of pampering, finger in mouth ula ula sung sotto voce, that relax taaanto carezzine in the hair, and "gnighi Gnägi gnighi Gnägi" the irreplaceable rocking chair. This is our super-tested recipe for a clear night.

Here it is our project, now called little girl and has two blue eyes that fall in love, and we obviously looks perfect, seems to work, we are always the three of us united against all the difficulties which I am sure sooner or later appear, but for now we must not do anything but enjoy all that happiness. Among us there are no roles, Mom and Mom took this commitment to 50%, and equally share the joy and happiness every day. It all seems too good to be true? Perhaps, therefore, our commitment to the past 10 months has been enjoying every moment in the most intense and can not waste even a moment available.

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